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Both in private practice and with various organizations, Dr. Tess Hightower has worked with clients ranging from teens to seniors--from individuals of both genders, to couples and whole families. Though many of the issues in each age group are unique, Dr. Tess' broad training and experience well qualify her in the counseling of clients.

Individuals - Couples

Dr. Hightower counsels over 25 clients each week. One half of these clients are couples, heterosexual or same gendered. These stress inducing issues range from anxiety to depression to substance abuse to infidelity. Dr. Tess specializes in working with men and women who are experiencing relationship difficulties, helping them to communicate and achieve a more loving and intimate connection. Sometimes the work is to help couples step apart in the least damaging way that they can for themselves and their families.


Dr. Tess is highly trained and experienced in working with whole families, helping members improve communication skills, clarify roles, and learn problem-solving skills.


At the Maple Counseling Center, Tess has worked with teens in three different schools in the Beverly Hills School District, as well as facilitated classes for parents of teens. She has also worked with parents, students, and staff at the Windward School in Los Angeles. Teen counseling issues included self esteem, social skills, integrating into a new school, and coping with divorcing parents.


At the Center for Healthy Aging in Santa Monica, Tess has worked with many men and women 55 and over struggling with aging, loss, and chronic depression, helping them to explore the lifestyle changes that senior adulthood often brings, and to discover new ways to enhance and enjoy their present quality of life. She has also trained and supervised over 50 volunteers to counsel and mentor seniors.

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